At an intimate gathering of friends on New Years Eve 2003, a commitment was made by four people to do a drawing each day for the entire year of 2003.

The pact resulted in an exhibition titled Resolution, held in January 2004 at Wodonga Artspace, with works by Inga Hanover, Olga Evans, Michael Evans and myself.

One year became 10 years as the daily drawing ritual continued resulting in thousands of drawings as well as a weekly exchange between Australia and a New York based collaborator and then several more exhibitions!

From the onset I set myself some parameters. Primarily, that observational drawing would be the basis of all the work. However, as the work progressed narratives seemed to appear, encouraged by the sequential layout of the format. The process was subject to chance and random influence such as location or the response to mood, place or politics.

The drawings recorded the landscape when travelling – the natural environment or city monuments and architecture. But more often than not they were based on the objects on hand at home, including a bevy of old toys and junk, some iconic symbols of western culture such as ‘Barbie’ and other familiar characters. Amongst the jumble of debris and objects on my desktop, relationships were forged. Discarded toys, each with their own attributes and imperfections, became metaphor for the human condition.

They provided the ingredients for reverie, encouraging the viewer to look for meaning in an effort to exploit the viewer’s irrepressible desire to make up stories. Placed in a domestic setting, they became personal and intimate, drawing the viewer into a narrative where they read symbols, spaces and relationships that might mirror daily life or human nature.

Using familiar objects allows for an engagement with the viewer and an opportunity to reflect on global issues, human folly or the personal challenges thrown up by life.

Interest in the project also lies in the sheer volume of work – the ritual and commitment – the obsession.

Click Here to read an essay about the Daily Drawing Project by Julie Adams, Arts Director, Latrobe City Council


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2003 & 2004: